Monday, October 5, 2009

This weekend I caught Chris reading "the Paper"!

Chris hasn't really done much reading since his stroke so I made a big deal out of it and congratulated him. Our football team won a game the night before and I think that he wanted to see what his workmates had written about it.

I was at the game so I threw a Bomber cap on his head and showed him my phonecam shots of the experience. I apologise for the quality of these images..
let's just say that technology was uncooperative today :)

You'll notice here that Chris is giving the universal "thumbs-UP" sign with his right hand.

It was chilly outside but we ventured out-of-doors for a stroll and some fresh air.

As you can see I let him go on and on about the flowers, for those of you who might not know this, Chris is quite a knowledgeable gardener.

There is a chance of snow flurries this week so it seemed like a good idea to "dig" the garden.

We wandered about and admired many of the statues and monuments on the grounds.

Chris desperately wanted to take a picture of me for this entry so while I was interpreting the symbollism of these vestigial icons honoring our Colonial past,

he kept laughing and taking pictures of my feet!
He finally snapped a "keeper" just as I was reaching for his neck.

We got together a few times last week and Chris was always in a good mood..all things considered. He seemed positive and as usual his mindset is very straight-forward.
Chris just wants to go home.

I have not heard whether or not he will be moving on to another facility for extra life-skills preparation or when/if he is being released in the next week or so? I will certainly post anything that I find out.

Chris really appreciates all of the visitors and phone calls so please continue to connect :)


Laurie said...

Chris looks very good in those pictures, thanks so much for posting them. I will try to call him again this week.

Big hugs and thanks for all you do.

MJ said...

Chris, I'm giving you one-thumb-up for the newspaper reading.

But when I find out you've completed the Sudoku, you'll get the two-thumbs-up.

eroswings said...

Great pics, Donn! Y'all look like you're having fun. I'm glad to hear how awesome WW is progressing. I'm glad to hear y'all got to enjoy some sunshine before the snow comes.

angel said...

Its great to see him smiling and reading the paper and such!
We'll have our olf Chris back in no time!

mago said...

Newspaper and garden! Is that a joke about the possibility of snow flurries?

tuti said...

love the thumbs up!
it keeps getting better!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

How wonderful you look Chris. It makes my heart so happy to see your face. I would love to come visit when classes are over.

Please keep smiling and mending. I hope you know how wonderful you are and how much you mean to everyone.

Be well my love,
soft love,

eroswings said...

Happy Thanksgiving, WW!!!

We're certainly very grateful for having known you and still having you present. That's a gift in itself.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful Canadians!

Annie Van Bergen said...

A big thumbs up to this post!

Chris, your courage, strength and just plain tenacity are admirable and inspiring...
and Donn your sensitivity, strength, and spunk are as well

zIggI said...

nice flowers flower