Saturday, May 22, 2010


Chris is okay.

Tonight around suppertime Chris had a seizure, not another stroke. ..he was discharged just before 1 am.

His Mom discovered him on the floor and although he quickly recovered, he was sent to the hospital afew blocks away. He had a few tests to be sure... some bloodwork, a CT scan and heart monitoring.

The attending Doctor said that there was no evidence of any new damage and that seizures were not uncommon with stroke patients. His speech and newfound mobility were unaffected. Chris was prescribed some medication and shown the door.

Chris remained in good spirits throughout his 5 hour visit...his daughter and I entertained (distracted and kept him awake) until his son returned to help him in the car and take him home. 

As you can imagine Chris was ECSTATIC to get out of there, and I have to admit that it was awful seeing him back in a gown.

Onwards and upwards!

Hopefully the medication works and Chris can continue his remarkable progress.