Sunday, January 3, 2010


Just thought that I'd write a brief post about how Chris is managing.
I am happy to report that Chris is in high spirits when we get together.

He seems to have adjusted to his new place and routine. Chris manages to get on his Blog and Facebook once and a while.

More than anything Chris is embracing his freedom.
I think that he realises how lucky he is and that he has received a gift..
so he hasn't complained once about how different it is. 

Chris appears to be surprisingly compliant about his "rules" concerning his recovery...
he seems to sense that there isn't a magic wand to wave or some secret shortcut to his synaptic resurgence.

This afternoon he teased me mercilessly in front of my wife and youngest son..
he even made jokes about me to my oldest son on the phone...
and he loved every minute of it..
so did I.

I'm sure that there are moments when he is really struggling and like everyone else, I wish that there was more that I could do. I don't know if he understands how far he has come so far.

I do know that he obviously wishes it was further, but somethings just take time...something that he bought a little more of last year through sheer determination. So I have high hopes that his will to exceed his expectations is percolating night and day.

All that I can say is that making him laugh and goofing around is something that I treasure. One of these days he may ask more of me and hopefully I will be ready, until then, I'm thrilled to be able to spend time with him.