Friday, September 25, 2009


Today I visited Chris just after chow and before I said ciao, he had a visit with Chew the Chow-Chow.

While I was there a sister and an old friend dropped by and Chris was engaging and laughed throughout our lively group discussion.

In the few minutes that we had together, Chris was quite elated about having completed his morning stint in therapy and having the weekend off!
Some things are universal.

I found out that he has a laptop in his closet HELLO! and so we're going to see if the therapist can work with him next week and try to tap out a few lines.
I told him that he can take over this Blog but he is thinking of creating a brand new site.
That will be fantastic!

I told him that I'd be happy to help him get that if you're phoning or visiting..please encourage him to get that up and running.

No news on an exact date for his imminent exit, however his fabulous sibs have preparations for his new residence well in hand. It would be great if Chris could handle lingering for a few more Lifeskill lessons, but he really just wants to get "home", and who can blame him?

We had fun today..I was showing him how to do 360s in his forward and reverse..he said that he'd try it after his siesta.

I should mention that Chew the Chow lives with one of the staff members. Staff take turns bringing in their pets to visit, lick, and warm the hearts of the patients. What an awesome program. These "fursicians" all have their portraits up in the hall.

A while ago I saw a stout Basset get off an elevator and waddle down the hallway at "supper time"...he went in and out of every room looking for the most generous hosts :)

I apologise for not posting everytime that I assured that I will pass on any BIG news. Anyway, you should be aware that Chris was in high spirits on every occasion. I sense that he can taste freedom.

Ready or Not, Chris is working on his return to Life in the outside world, as he calls it.

Many of you are aware that Chris can be stubborn and bullheaded..oh wait, I think we call that "perversely unyielding" now. Pardon me while I state the obvious, but I think that his fortitude has had a lot to do with his recovery.


savannah said...


oh wait, wrong blog. ;~D

great news, sugar. i'd only just discovered chris and his blog, so i'm looking forward to whatever he taps out! xoxoxo

Stace said...

That is so COOL that they let the pets in there! I've always thought that animals can really be theraputic, for many reasons, so I love that hospitals and care facilities do that :)

Oi, Chris, you bludger, get online! Get that laptop out of the closet! (A gay laptop?! Who'd have thunk it?)

anna said...

Awww, look at that lovable big ball of fluff! (I meant the dog.)

With every picture you post, Chris looks better and better and more and more like his old self.

How wonderful that he's talking about blogging again! I can't wait to read his words! He's been missed... very much so.

Laurie said...

Very wonderful news indeed. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Right on: You'll be pecking along in no time! Can you doa wheelie in your wheelie?

tuti said...

will be waiting patiently/impatiently for him to come back online. he looks great by the way, and cool too!

Annie Van Bergen said...

nice shirt dude...

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Chris is looking wonderful and I am thrilled to see him smile and hear of his laughter. God knows he deserves some giggles. I am very excited and waiting to hear when he gets to leave.... I am sure he is sitting on pins and needles.

Please give our beautiful man some lovin from me and a hipshake if you dare lol.

Keep the hard work up Chris you will be shining like a brand new penny soon.... you look wonderful!

My softest love to you.

eroswings said...

WW, you look great! You look better and healthier every time! I'm glad to see you enjoying the company of friends--both human and animals!

That chow looks wonderful--makes a nice winter coat, I'd say ;) It'd be a nice alternative to wearing seal pup to keep warm ;)

tuti said...

does the chow come with chris?
i'd love to have them both. ;P

Cazzie!!! said...

Yup, pets make all the difference.. it is unreal to see the difference in patients you know, after the visit they have amazing things to talk about. Also, if there is a diversional therapy session right after that, the attendance is right up there because people feel positive :)

angel said...

Its so exciting! I love to hear about how he's progressing and that he's in high spirits!

gwen said...

Greetings, Chris, from the wonderful world of CP Edmonton! I've been religiously following Donn's blog about your recovery and as the big dog-lover I am (and know that you are) I couldn't resist saying a quick hi when I saw the pix of you and that fluffy big ball of fun. Hope you get into your new place soon and get back to the business of writing! Big hugs....

zIggI said...

who wouldn't laugh wearing a T like that?