Monday, June 15, 2009

I visited Chris for a few hours this evening and he slept through most of it.

I found it easier to understand his speech tonight..not sure if anyone else feels that way but he seems to have less hesitation and more confidence when articulating . That being said he was a little down today and he did complain about a few he is well entitled to do.

His attending Nurse was brilliant as she took his bp (119/90something btw). He was quite despondent about his situation at that particular moment and She said, "Chris, 3 weeks ago you couldn't talk and now we're having a conversation".
He smiled back..the light bulb moment was evident.

Chris gets to go out-of-doors now so that must feel fantastic. He told me that physio is hard work. I said that it will be worth it and eventually he will get out of here..he still just wants to go home NOW!!

He was sleepy and the few times that he did hang out he seemed to leap from understanding his predicament to zany notions about who was visiting him in the hospital. I can see from the bedside ledger who has been there...he added about 5 people to today's roster..which is awesome, plus he mentioned that some of them were still out in the hallway..

which is cool...
whatever it takes for Chris to reboot & reconnect is working so I'll just smile.

I tried to explain that he needs to listen to more music but he informed me, in no uncertain terms, that perhaps I needed to "listen" to more music. :)
Maybe tomorrow eh?

I ran into an old friend who went through a stroke rehab with a relative and as many of you have written (and thanks for all the encouragement)..
this is about baby steps, micro-bursts of progress, regressions, plateaus and every victim of a brain attack seems to find their own pace..
there doesn't seem to be too many patterns or nice, tidy, little pie charts to follow.

Chris will get here when he gets here.


mistipurple said...

and we'll be waiting. and cheering him on the way. you're a good friend, donn.
hang in there chris. like what the nurse said, you're way better now than three weeks back. and think of what another three weeks will bring. i am sure there will be vast improvement.

Cazzie!!! said...

Here here Donn, I agree with you for sure, Huggs to everyone over there mate ..thinking positive thoughts from Down Under :)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Happy to know he is working his way back home. I believe a lot of the reason is because Chris is strong and beautiful, but also because he is aurrounded by such wonderful family and friends sit b eside whether physically or in spirit.

You right that CHris will get there when HE gets there. And others will be there when he arrives, just as they have been there on his journey.

Please send love and prayers to him.

Soft love,

Leni Qinan said...

I never commented on Chris's blog, but I was used to se his comments at your HE blog, so I can't help having a look here every now and then and send my best wishes for his recovery.

It's nice to read that there's always a funny side to everything, now that he seems to be out of danger.

Good vibes, loads of support and encoragement!

Laurie said...

Sounds good...I am so happy to hear it.

Thanks, Donn. Give my hugs to Chris, please.

anna said...

I think we all need to keep his nurse's words in mind. He has made tremendous progress in a short period of time and he continues to progress. This is absolutely wonderful and we should all be encouraged by it.

zIggI said...

Just popped in to plump up the pillows, then I'm going to wait out in the hallway :)

angel said...

It drives me insane not having patterns that can be followed with something like Chris' recovery.
Give him my love when you see him again.

eroswings said...

That is very good progress, and I'm glad he was able to see it in a new perspective. He may not be where he thinks he should be, but the most important thing is that he is still here, and that he is getting better. Hang in there, WW! I look forward to your return to cyberspace!

Anonymous said...