Friday, June 19, 2009

I have been to see Chris a few times this week and he is making progress.
His language skills and physical abilities are getting stronger...
quite remarkable considering where he was at only weeks ago.

Chris is trying to manoeuvre through the implications of his stroke which can be quite overwhelming at times, but I am encouraged by his resolve to get out of the hospital and go home. He has definitely had enough of being away from his own space.

He complains of not being able to get enough rest at night because of all the noise...which sounds odd because we think of hospitals as "quiet spaces" but when you are sharing a room with other patients (I think this is roomate number 5?) there are coughs, moans, beeping machines, intercoms, and various caregivers coming and going at regular intervals...who need to communicate and be understood so they usually TALK LIKE THIS.

Nothing terrible to report on the medical side the MRI and other tests have been regular so that is good. Chris recently talked to his Father and out-of-town siblings on a cell phone...which was maybe he'll feel up to talking to some other people soon.

He is still quite self conscious about being talked about and gets mad at me if I check the bedside journal while he is pretending to sleep :) He also has Batlike audio sensory so you can't even whisper things in the room that you don't want him to hear..
he hears everything!

Chris is getting wheeled out-of-doors by his steadfast Aid and biggest supporter, his Mom, who is there nuturing him every single day. She is quite proud of how well his physical and mental conditioning are coming along.

Chris is very lucky to have her, she is a Force Of Nature in action.

As I mentioned earlier, Chris is entering a routine and he continues to improve (ever-so-slightly) on a day by day basis, so these posts will be less frequent. The other "thing" is that as Chris becomes more cognizant of how much I'm blabbing about his recovery, the odds are pretty good that he'll get pissed off with me.
Most of you know that Chris is a fairly private person and when he finds out about this Blog, he will kill me!

Anyway, until that day arrives, I'll try to sneak out snippets about his recovery.


mistipurple said...

it's great that chris' mom is giving him such great support.
what will chris do to you when he finds out about this blog? besides killing you. haha.
i know, we can also pretend this blog never existed. :P

Gaby said...

Thanks for this recent update, have been wondering how things have been going. You know, if Chris does get pissed off at you about your 'blabbing'...I'm thinking will this be the last time he's annoyed? :)

Anonymous said...

Pissed off? Maybe, but I'm betting you'll be in the hugs queue.
Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

I know Chris loves Blogging and I think he will love to have seen everyone rooting for him. I could be wrong, but I think he would think this is amazing!!!

gwen said...

In case you are tempted to get pissed at Donn, Chris, let me tell you how much it's meant to me to be able to find out how you've been improving over these weeks. I've read every one of Donn's posts and so have a lot of people here at old CP Edmonton. We haven't been in touch a lot over the years -- a big regret -- but you have always had a special place in my heart, Mr. Rhymes-With-Caribou. As for all the squirmy details Donn has relayed, at this age we've all had our panties hanging on the line at one point or another, so the heck with it. Lots of luv to ya, big fella (and a ginormous hug of gratitude to that Donn fella, who I bet is a heck of a guy to have a beer with)!

angel said...

Routine is good. No suprises is good.
Thank you again Donn!

Anonymous said...