Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chris was wheeled out-of-doors yesterday and felt the sun shine on his face for the first time in weeks! He said that it felt wonderful.

Last night we watched game 7 of the Stanley Cup. Chris kept calling a lot of offsides that the refs apparently :) missed but he seemed to really enjoy the game.

He was teasing one of his sisters when I arrived. Chris was telling jokes and making funny expressions..really goofin' off.

I want to mention that I told Chris that I had to leave by 10 to go to the airport and pick up one of my daughters who was returning from a trip to the East Coast. When I told him which daughter he looked at me and said the name of my other daughter...which is really amazing because the other daughter was there the week before!! Now that surprised me and reassured me that Chris is quite focussed.

On the other hand Chris has some wonky ideas about who is actually visiting him in the hospital..and despite my initial attempts to clarify the situation he fiercely maintains that certain out-of-town siblings are in fact wandering about the hallway and coming and going throughout the day.

So now I just go along with his scenario and quickly change the subject to avoid his stern consternation...yes I suppose that is called enabling but wth..
the guy just rebooted his entire brain!

Overall I am greatly encouraged by his cognitive abilities and the progress that he is making on the physical side. His spirits are up..he even made a joke that I can't post :) I am assuming that we are now entering the months of rehab. As far as I know the latest results from the MRI are not back but the other tests were all "normal" so here he goes. It's weird but Spring was very late this year too..almost as if it was waiting for him.

I think that this blog will now turn to a weekly posting schedule (unless warranted) and that in itself is great news! I am so encouraged by the last few days because Chris had such a good attitude.


andrea said...

I was thinking that what a drag it is that he's stuck in the hospital at this time of year, but I also suspect that it makes it easier for visitors and the longer, warmer days have healing power -- so all is good!

Laurie said...

That is splendid news. I'm sure seeing the sun for the first time in weeks had to lift his spirits.

When my mom was in the hospital she had some odd notions about who was there and who was not...I think it's a combination of wishful thinking and the overall confusion about being in the medical facility. She came out of it just fine though, it just took time.

I think you are doing the right thing by playing along, that's what we did and it turned out well.

anna said...

Another wonderful update! Thank you for posting. You made my day!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous news :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us up-to-speed,Donn.

Stace said...

Must be nice for him to get outside :) I can only hope that the weather there is considerably nicer than here. Excellent news on the whole. :)

kim said...

Donn you are amazing and I look forward to your posts. You are the best friend everyone could only wish for...just like a miracle. Chris will one day soon be able to see this blog you created on his behalf and be amazed..

mistipurple said...

weekly report is good. and after that, chris can come in and update it himself! and of course back to his own blog by then too!
that will be the greatest time to look forward to. we'll look forward to continued improvement and progress.

angel said...

How wonderful! I am so glad he seems to be constantly moving forward! I look forward to the day he blogs himself again.

Anonymous said...

Sounds all very good. Hope he can go on! My best wishes!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for keeping us up to date. There are Sooooooooooo many of us pulling for Chris.


We just know you are going to battle this and WIN!

Dave Sheedy

p.s. Hi Doug!

eroswings said...

That is good news. I'm so glad to hear how he is getting better. Your updates are very much appreciated, Donn, so thanks for being a great friend to WW and the rest of us.

I look forward to WW's return and more fotos of the Canadian landscape and it's inhabitants. I miss his blog postings and thoughts.

P.S. I wonder if those birds are still by his door.

venus66 said...

Glad that Chris is getting better.Thank you for the update, Don. God Bless.

Gaby said...

Won't be long now and you'll be able to sneak in some of those great smokies and fries from the trucks parked all over. Great news, thanks Donnnnnnnnnnn

Sienna said...

Great Chris has got to experience sunshine again. That in itself is wonderful therapy for everything and everyone.

The confusion/disorientation/lucidity was something we dealt with too, the brain has taken a hiding to nowhere..:)

Mood swings were common, she used to run the lot, laughter, hyper excited, tears, anger, frustrated, confusion, we used to smile and gently/sneakily distract her and tell how and what wonderful progress she was making..

You guys are incredible, this is fantastic progress..just the best and greatest hugs to Chris and everyone.

Anonymous said...