Friday, May 29, 2009

This morning Chris is having to deal with a bladder infection caused from a screwup with that $#%@ catheter. He has been in considerable pain and was able to tell his Mother and Sister that he is pissed off!

Unfortunately this is causing his blood pressure to spike again and it's back in the high 190+/100+ range. He is currently on an IV push of antibiotics and appparently the nurse is trying to get some portable monitoring device to see what is going on in his bladder. Hopefully they can get that under control stat!

The family is deeply appreciative of receiving so many offers to help acquire a chair for the physio/rehab...however at this point in his recovery, the exact model has yet to be determined, but I was asked to say Thank You.

Hopefully they get manage his pain RFN! and get that infection under control because Chris has made some gains and this setback was avoidable...Chris has a tough enough job to do.
Right now his bp needs to go down so that he can be properly assessed and from there, get out of bed and get on with the physio/rehab stage.


eroswings said...

Thanks for the updates, Donn. They are very much appreciated. Whatever I can do to help, please feel free to let me know.

I'll be keeping you and your luved ones in my thoughts, WW. You are very much missed and I hope you make a fine recovery. Wherever the road of life takes you, know that you've got company on your've got a lot of friends wishing you the best.

Stace said...

What a bitch of a thing to happen! I assume they've got him on antibiotics now? He'll be right, his body has shown considerably bounce-back-ableness. Although I don't blame him for being pissed off.

liontigerelephantbear said...

Thanks for keeping us all updated Donn. It all sounds positive, despite the routine case of pointless infection. Catheters are a bitch, and the things they stick in your arm to give you drugs and drips and stuff- they suck too. You're right, poor Chris has enough getting-well to do without having to be cooped up in the one of most infectious places on the planet. Who invented hospitals, anyway? One day we'll have cyber-doctors and they'll be able to fix all this stuff from the comfort of our own beds.

Hope things continue to look up. Being pissed off is good - it's character building. xxxxxx

Laurie said...

He's so tough, I know he will get through this, but it sucks that he has to! Give him my best and tell him to keep up the good work.


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

::shakes head:: Sometimes I have to wonder if people know what they are doing. I know Chris is strong and with you and his family, he WILL make it through this. I refuse to think otherwise! Please give him a hug and a kiss for me. Tell him, as I am sure you do, that there are many that are pulling for him and love him dearly.

Donn take care of yourself, just like I hope his family is doing, your strength adn theirs will be needed by Chris. We want EVERYONE healthy.

soft love,

mistipurple said...

why do bad things happen to good people. sorry i just got to know after reading at donn's. thanks for posting this up, donn.
when the chair is determined, i would like to chip in too. anyone has a paypal account? since i am far away, i don't know how to get to your PO Box.
praying for chris.

Whitesnake said...

Tell the bastard ta stand on his owntwo feet!

Tell him also that if he cant then I'll come over and help him too do it!
Love and prays.........

OK.........dont go round telling any one I said the love and prays stuff

anna said...

A small setback that he will get through and then he'll be back on track with physio. Think positive.

angel said...

Oh that is so frustrating! I do hope he gets better quickly so he can start with rehab.