Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chris had a mild sedative and they were able to perform an MRI and guess what?
the artery is now open.

Plus his BP has been lower (130's for a while)
>the %#$@ catheter is out
>and he did get some physio but he was too loopy from the sedative.

All positive...
but he will need a tilt wheel chair for the physio (he's not there yet but closer) and the waiting list for those things is l o n g, so the family is looking into purchasing a tilt-chair. For anyone interested in helping make that happen (and many of you have already asked) when they get enough info on the right model, we'll set up a fund with a PO Box and I'll post it.

Chris was really tired today and didn't respond much although he did tap his feet to Pump Up The Volume by MARRS. He seemed less fidgety but really zonked..but he did just have a very busy day.

I didn't care..the Nurse told his sister and I so many positive things that we are now racing forward to the rehab/physio so that Chris can start to get medieval on his uncooperative right side.

I thought that the arterial blockage was a done deal? The last Doc made it sound final..maybe this is the collateral flow? Either way, I think that this is another benchmark. I know that there will probably be more downers on this Day-to Day vigil but overall my spirits were lifted.

Keep on keepin' on Chris.


Laurie said...

Oh wow, that is the best news ever! Please do post an address so we can help with the expense of a tilt chair.

Thanks for this great news! Hugs to you all and great job taking care of your best friend!

Sienna said...

This is such encouraging news, clot been blasted into space....count us in on tilt chair, many hands make light work, I can do western union transfer.

He will fatigue easily.
Incredibly uplifting news.

Hugs to team Chris, family, Donn and hospital team...

Stace said...

That's just fantastic, best thing I've heard in weeks! I have no idea what a tilt chair is, but once you post an address I'm sure we'll be able to contribute towards one.

Annie Van Bergen said...

I will be happy to contribute. Donn, hope you are doing ok...thanks so much for the blog, your writing is eloquent, so appreciated and so great how you are there. Although I don't comment much, I follow along every day. I always send good vibes to Chris, his family, friends and to you.

anna said...

This is the best news yet!

Ponita in Real Life said...

Chris' body has broken down that clot, Donn, just like if you had a blood blister. It is eventually reabsorbed.

However, his problem stems from the lack of blood supply during the stroke. A part of the brain was injured from the blood supply being cut off by the stroke and even though the blood is again flowing, that area is damaged. Now his neurons have to find other areas of the brain to take over some of those functions. This will take time.

Remember Chris is less two weeks after the initial incident... and only 10 days after the stroke that has left him paralyzed. It is still very early in his recovery.

But that is wonderful news about the clot being gone and now, with lots of rehab and time, he will hopefully regain lots of function back. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

good to hear.

soft love,

savannah said...

fantastic news, sugar! xoxox

Cazzie!!! said...

Fabulous news, one day at a time mate! I am on the neurology ward again tonight, my thoughts are with you all...go Chris!

angel said...

Oh that is so exciting! I am so pleased!
And I would also love to contribute to the chair fund if I can at all!

Lynne (aka Gel) said...

Gr8t news!Hooray!
(I just read in another post you wanted support/info...I didn't say anything until now because I thought you'd be inundated with info.)

Although I'm a full time artist and writer now, I was a speech-language pathologist and worked with many stroke survivors. Oh, YES, YES, YES, to paraphrase you "the brain very often will, find a way to re-route signals!" I have had countless patients who have done just that!!!