Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today being Hallowe'en, I thought that I would surprise Chris with a visit from Doctor McScreamy!

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Scarrrrry stuff eh?

Don't worry he'll pay me back in spades when he gets back online :)

Anyway, I assured Chris that I was there to give him a routine check-up.

I told Chris that I couldn't find anything
wrong with him but just to be sure,

I was putting him on my home-made medication for the next few weeks.

Now just to prove that Chris was unharmed during the making of this posting, here he is with the treats I brought along to bribe him into playing along with my dorky  trick.

Chris assured me that he is making great strides in physio while he "patient"-ly awaits his release.

His roomate (and credible eye-witness Bob), who was kind enough to take these photos, concurred with Chris's prognosis.

Hang in there Chris.


Laurie said...

You two look boo-tiful!

Big Halloween hugs to you both.

tuti said...

hahah, you both are a riot!
happy halloween, donn and chris!

eroswings said...

Awesome costume! Looks like we get a treat, too!

Happy Halloween!

We could all use some happy pills every now and then!

zIggI said...


andrea pratt said...

Dr McScreamy ~ I love it! You are killing me here. You are a good friend, Donn.

Leni Qinan said...

Happy Halloween, guys! These pics are terrific!

MJ said...


reysputin said...

where's the picture of him punching you in the nose?

angel said...

Happy Halloween!!!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Silly men.... just the perfect kind.


soft love,

tuti said...

would love to see chris in facebook.

Catherine said...

I heard the news about Chris not too long after, I bumped in to a mutual friend who told me what happened... I thought he was joking! How was it possible, I had just spoken with him not that long ago! Chris wrote a fantastic article on me and adventure racing, being a mom and racer etc... he was awesome to work with and a fantastic writer - when I told him one day that he had such a great way with words - his reply "Well, I AM a writer!" he always had some witty comment or comeback.

I am so happy to know that Chris is recovering and that he is fighting! Keep going Chris! Keep fighting and maybe one day we will get out for that bike ride ;-)

Never give up!

Catherine Alleyn-Dornn

Catherine said...

"If you want to get somewhere you have to know where you want to go and how to get there. Then never, never, never give up." Norman Vincent Peale

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being late.
Nothing better then a visit by Dr. Eisenbarth!
Christmas at home, dude.

Annie Van Bergen said...

What a pair!