Friday, July 31, 2009

Chris was a happy camper this morning when I went to visit him at the rehab centre. He had just been assessed by the staff and was just about to meet his Mom & Sister for Lunch in the cafeteria.

We went for a quick spin around the place and he seemed to be very pleased with his new surroundings. I suggested that he start racing his wheelchair against other patients down the huge stretch of hall on the Main floor...

to make a little cash on the side, he said, "set it up" :)

From what I understand the gameplan is for Chris to hit the ground running in a program that involves both Occupational and Physical Therapy that will build on his steady progress. He will have assigned professionals helping him to recover the skills that he'll need to take the next step.

This environment should have a more consistent feel than the hospital, although I was impressed by so many of the staff at the HSC who were really wonderful and made Chris feel important.

Hopefully Chris will get a phone by his bed within the next few days. If you would like to email me your number I can print out a call-list. Hopefully Chris will start making calls on his own which could mean that you might get one in the middle of the night :)

He gave me a quick call from his sister's cell last night..he acted all cool..
"Yeah hi it's Chris..what are ya doin? I moved today, yeah I'm out of the hospital..."
It was awesome.

If you would like to send Chris a message here is the email address (copy or click)
Apparently the volunteers will print them up and hand least that's what it said on the bulletin board.We'll get a folder for him to collect all of his messages and return addresses. Hope they have a good printer :)

Hopefully once he is ready,Chris will get on his laptop and start reciprocating. I have no doubt that he will feel his spirit soar once he discovers how many people he has pulling for him. Once he's back online with his blogmates, co-workers, family and friends, he'll feel re-connected.

We used to talk at length about how much intimacy and camaraderie you can actually extract from the cybersphere. For the past few years Chris has been ensconced in several venues of social networking on the Interwebs. He felt right at home teasing, discussing issues, exhorting and comforting others from all walks of life in different corners of the globe.

Chris has a natural effortless way of connecting with others. People sensed that he didn't have a huge bloated ego, a litany of complicated "issues", or a sketchy hidden agenda. He was quite discerning and selective, very loyal to those who earned it, he even withheld their secrets from moi!?..and yes I'm not proud of it but sometimes I'd prod and plead for the scoop but no way jose.

Chris made others feel safe...why am I telling you? You already know all of this.

So here he goes on to the next stage. We all fully expect Chris to surprise the experts again and make some impressive strides by Autumn. I am very hopeful that this stage of his recovery will be a very positive experience and that Chris will quickly regain his skills and strength...and so say all of us!


Stace said...

Very pleased to hear he's been moved and is doing well! Thanks for that email address... do you think they'll print out emails in colour, with pictures?? He needs to see his (and your) little "niece"! hehe

savannah said...

i swear, sugar, this is the best news today! i'm really happy things are progressing so well for chris! y'all are too fantastic, darlin! xoxox

Jayne said...

That is wonderful news :)
Hope he's up and about giving the doctors a run for their money ;)

Stace said...

That email address bounced :(

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh that is such exciting news that Chris has moved.
Chris, I am so pleased for you mate. Even though I do not know you I do feel that we have all followed your journey through Donn. What a mate to have! A soul mate at that!
Remember, slow and steady wins the race..and well, I am betting on you :)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Wonderful news, now he can see a new light at the end of the tunnel. Be brilliant Chris as we all know you are.

All my love,

angel said...

Oh this is so very exciting and wonderful!!
I'm sure just the move is enough to start him on a more positive road.
I am so happy!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news about Chris. With friends as terrific as you, family, and so many others rooting for him, plus Chris' special inner strength, hopeful is the only way to think.

Hi Chris! You've made tremendous strides and amazed me, who came to know about you through your friend Donn. Hugs around all. Keep on truckin'!


Anonymous said...

See, that fruit cake threat did the trick!
No, I shant give you our phone number - look at the time lag, man!
Just give the Big Guy a hug.

venus66 said...

It is a wonderful news. God Bless.

MarmiteToasty said...

This is all fantastic news, you watch Chris surprise the lot of em.....

but dam, that means he will be back to winding me up and teasing me again lol.... I CANT BLOODY WAIT :)

Hugs all round...... for Chris and you Donn and all those involved and for all his blob maties that are rooting for him.....


eroswings said...

Good news all around! I'm really happy that he's doing well, and I'm glad he is finally out of the hospital and into a rehab place. Way to go WW! Thanks for the updates, Donn!

mistipurple said...

means he's ready to do another round of vegemite tasting? lol.
i love the way you two goof around.

anna said...

A wonderful new chapter in his progress. Thank you for sharing that email address. I think they may have to hire someone full-time just for printing and delivering his emails. ;)

Annie Van Bergen said...

Great post, great news, what a milestone...
Donn, your portrayal of all that is happening is so eloquent. You should write a book.
And now Chris..."to infinity and beyond!"

Laurie said...

I am thrilled to hear he has made the move and will now be making many more! Go CHRIS!

Gaby said...

What great news, I'm sure that Chris must feel that he's made some significant progress, which will no doubt spur him on to great things. Give him a big hug for me Donn, I'm sure he'll love your manly arms around him :o)

Anonymous said...

That sounds very good. Out of the hospital, ina positive surrounding, working on the next step. Maybe there is the chance of a little setback, but he'll be able to work such a thing out if need be. He's on his own feet (yes, not too long, but it will increase), he's in good hands, and there is a perspective. Carry on Mr. C.!
Thank you for the update Donnn.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Any news on that email addy?


Tidalgrrrl said...

I'm so overwhelmingly happy that Chris moved into rehab. If our emails and pictures don't print well, Donn - are you going to be able to print them out and bring them to him?

Anyway - we'll give it a shot. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop.

I really am so happy about this. This year has started to look up again!

Sienna said...

Next chapter...what an incredible journey, Chris's journey; and if we could bundle up well wishes and support and hugs..they would need a procession of planes and trucks to deliver.

Love to you all, Chris's story has touched so many of our hearts, we wish him just the best for his work ahead.


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Any news as of late?


Cathy said...

"Hopeful - positive" very encouraging words. Sent an email to Chris with my love and support. I also support you Donn, in all it's obvious you do and feel. A rare and precious commitment. Blessings.