Thursday, July 23, 2009

As of yesterday Chris has officially (we are told) been moved to the top of the list to be relocated to a rehab centre. This cannot happen too soon for him, he is ready to go.

Chris & brother Gerry

Yesterday morning he seemed pleased with himself after having endured a 20 minute "encounter" with 5 doctors.

"When they asked me what year it was I said it 2009 :)."

Chris thought that they were being tricky because they acted so casual about the question..which btw he could NOT have answered correctly a few weeks ago.

I must confess that last week's grim pronouncement about his future by one of the Neurologists took the wind out of my sails.

Since then we have learned that not all of them share that dire prognosis...and here is the phrase that we've all been looking forward to hearing: it's too early to tell!

Which is exactly what we had originally thought.

Just so you know, Chris is still hesitant to have others visit, I don't think that he understands how much people want to see him or how far he has come.

Most of us think that it would be good for him to meet some old friends..recapture some images and faces ..reconnect more passages..stir some memories...we're working on it!

The best guesstimate for him moving is within a couple of weeks but let's hope that it happens rfn. It would be such a morale booster for Chris to get a change of scenery.


Laurie said...

Your news has me in happy tears, Donn. It is wonderful to hear that the prognosis may not be as dire as some of his physicians believed. Thanks so much for this post.

I do wish that Chris would allow more visitors, but in a way I do understand his wishes.

Please give him my love.

savannah said...

what great news, sugar! find some hottie to give chris a kiss and tell him it's from me! ;~D xoxox

Annie Van Bergen said...

Such great news. Your first sentence made my day. Sending good vibes and prayers and all that it happens soon.

Cherrypie said...

Fab. Happy. Hopeful x

eroswings said...

Excellent! He is making great progress.

Cazzie!!! said...

Great news that Rehab is around the corner, and I agree Donn, a change of scenery will perk Chris up :)

Dogmatic Pragmatist said...

Hi everyone - it's Chris' brother Gerry. I just want to reiterate that we are all trying to get Chris to allow more visitors (other than family and Donn) but he said the same thing to me i.e. "not yet"

I think at this time it is best to follow his wishes but only for so long in my opinion - eventually I am going to tell him we are telling people to visit him any way - I know it would be good for him to see other people.

Anonymous said...

I think they refer to it as "small steps first."
Now that he has the date fixed we'll probably find more pieces of the puzzle slotting in.

angel said...

OMW, getting out of the hospital is going to do him SO much good!
And I am ecstatic that not all the doctors agree with the neuro's opinion.
Give him a big hug from me when you see him again!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Happy happy hip shaking news. I hope that he gets to move far more faster than a couple of weeks, but even at that at least he gets to "see" movement. This only helps him reach higher. We all are truly blessed to have this man in our lives.
I am glad to hear that not all the doctors are seeing the same outlook at least it gives everyone, especially Chris, room to breathe.

Please send him my love and prayers. I miss you Chris.

Soft love,

Sienna said...

The next part of the journey, the next chapter...

5 interrogating doctors! Good for Chris on getting 2009, no mean feat, sounds like there is a lot of rallying going on, within him, and the external.

Love, hugs, support and prayers for the ongoing courage and healing of Chris.

Thoughts are with you all.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

There's so much positivity here it's heart-warming. It's great that Chris has been able to get through an intervew and that he is gaining more memory and movement than the doctors initially thought possible. Miracles do happen x

anna said...

He looks wonderful in that picture with Gerry. And knowing that other doctors feel "it's too early to tell" has put a huge smile on my face. This is wonderful news.

MarmiteToasty said...

Please give Chris all my love and tell him that oneday when I get to meet him Im gonna snog his face off :)

much love my dear friend..


Jayne said...

Have just found your blog and am sending my sincerest hopes and best wishes for Chris' recovery :)