Sunday, June 28, 2009

Here is a photo of Chris and his brother taken this weekend.

As you can see Chris has had his hair cut and he was also out of the hospital gown and wearing shorts & a real shirt..he looked pretty snazzy!

To be honest I had taken a few pictures before but Chris looked pretty beat up and out of it so I didn't post them. I took them so that later on I could show Chris how far he has come.

I probably shoulda-woulda-coulda posted a few of the ones that I cleaned up to look like this..

because I'm sure that most of you were anxious to see how Chris looked..
seeing is believing.

Today Chris was in a very good mood.
We called my good-lady-wife on the cell and I tried to encourage him to chat with some more people but he said maybe tomorrow.
He is still a little concerned about his ability to speak which btw has really improved during the last week and a half.

Throughout our visit he was joking around, laughing, and being

Chris makes an effort to display his ability to reach over to his tray, take a drink off the counter, have a sip and put it back. He seemed more comfortable today, he wasn't squirming around as much.

Chris was very chatty today and in between schmoozing the nurses, he had a running commentary on each of his roomates. There appear to be a few glitches concerning his adherence to, how shall I phrase this, proper hospital internment etiquette.

Let's just say that some of his societal modification "filters", the cognitive governors which moderate our interaction with others, and enslave most of us during our adult lives, seem to be a little off kilter at the moment.

I'm not certain how the Doctors have defined this behavior, but I am believing that it's another tick that will just have to work it's way through.

Let's face it there are statistics and patterns but brain-attack victims make their way back on their schedule. The brain is a mysterious mystical organ. I wish that I knew more but honestly, I never expected Chris to just wake up and hit the ground running.

Oh I'd gladly take a miraculous recovery, but realistically, I was anticipating a few months of weirdness...for lack of a better term.. I think we were all glad that this was going into the long-haul because the alternative was unthinkable :(

Chris and I also discussed the news of the day (what else, Michael Jackson) and the weather (Weekend Monsoons have lifted) and the appalling youthfulness of the Hockey draftees.

I wanted to take him out for a stroll but the single "chair" in his ward was occupied until after lunch. He was much more calm and compliant than a few days ago and he didn't argue with me about trying to get out of bed.

So this week the physical stuff is stable so now we are waiting and hoping that any psychological damage is mending too.


Linda S. said...

This is really great news... Chris' progress (and especially his lifting spirits) over the last while has been very encouraging. Is anyone looking into getting his own wheels? I know there was plenty of interest and support amongst his friends and co-workers to help with that.
And, many thanks again Donn, for keeping us in the loop.

Laurie said...

I'd love to be a part of the effort to get Chris his own wheel! Please let me know how I can help.

I also hope Chris will allow you to post a picture or two in the near future.

Thanks for the updates, Donn.

mistipurple said...

progress is such a good word.
we'll hear more.

reysputin said...


angel said...

He does look great!
I am so glad he continues to move forward. Give him my love Donn!

Stace said...

Hey, good lookin'... ;) hehe nice, thanks for the pic :)

moreidlethoughts said...

Wonderful news! Thankyou, Donn. And let's not forget a thankyou to the inner cogs of Chris himself, because his progress is due, at least in part,to his will.
Way to go, big guy!

anna said...

He looks fantastic... still a total hottie. ;)

eroswings said...

He looks good! I'm so happy to hear of his progress. Sure, there will be some minor setbacks, but overall, he's making an excellent recovery. He's still here! What a fighter!

Thanks for the pics and updating us, Donn. Get well soon, WW!

zIggI said...

so he's telling it how it is and drinking! Fantastic GO Chris!

Cazzie!!! said...

Great news, slowly goes it, and the brain will heal with good nutrition, good rest and great friends like you around Donn :)

Debra said...

Great news!

Annie Van Bergen said...

lookin' good

Anonymous said...