Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last night Chris was in very good spirits and we watched most of the Goldeyes (local Baseball Team) game on his TV.

Chris made the mistake of asking me how I was doing and he laughed as I kvetched about the heat n'humidity, the cankerworms denuding all the Elm trees on my street, the longest day of the year already behind us, all trite and ridiculous considering where we were...
we both instantly recognised how tedious and pedestrian my woes sounded and laughed.

I have always loved the expression,

"If I had your problems, I'd burn mine",

and if there was ever a time to invoke that adage, this was it.

I always sent Chris tons of funny/ridiculous/weird stuff and this was one of his favorites.

Last night Chris chuckled away as various hospital workers strolled by and chatted with us. We had a good laugh when one worker asked if Chris was my Dad..awkward..but I said no, he's my Grandpa!

It was great to hear him laugh because for years we would get together weekly to sip n' bitch about the same bloody things..start off with personal issues and digress our way down to the generic universal irritants: weather, traffic, global-politics, religious fanaticism yada-yada-yada..(obviously the topics and rhetoric were proportionate to the amount of discussion fluids being ingested :)

We'd rehash our ridiculously simple solutions to all of the endless circle of Life crapola and get it out of our system. My main objective was always to exasperate "Mr Devil's Advocate" because Chris would thrive on taking the other side just for the hell of it.

I had no choice but to construct the lamest, most outrageous, arguments to dismatle his veneer thin position. Once I got him to crack, laugh, and abandon his ridiculous, indefensible stance, we could move on. That was a great way to cauterize whatever "BS" Life was throwing our way that particular week.

So hearing Chris laugh means a lot to me. After a while he started to nod off..and snore...it's getting late...but he did wake up when an orderly and I started discussing the logistics of keeping Hugh Hefner sufficiently jacked on Viagra..
sneaky little bugger, Chris is always listening.

I just wanted everyone to know that Chris was having a very UP evening and it was quite a relief after the last weekend. I apologize for nattering about our relationship but when I think about Chris I think of LAUGHTER.

This week the family should get an indication of when Chris can advance to a rehab facility..it's time to move forward and everyone is hoping and praying that any of of Chris' outstanding medical issues have been stabilised/neutralised and that he can take the next big step.


Laurie said...

Great news, Donn, thanks so much for keeping us up to date.

It sounds like Chris has turned some kind of corner in the healing process and that has to feel great for all of you.

Big hugs,

Gaby said...

Great to hear this latest bit of news, especially the two of you being able to laugh togther. Thanks again for the updates.

MJ said...

I equate both of you with laughter and loads of it.

Making Chris laugh is what Reader's Digest always proclaimed is the best medicine.

Of course they used to run a series entitled, "I Am Joe's (name of body part)" in which they described in detail the functions of the body part in question.

Perhaps we could do one of these for Chris.

angel said...

That is so cool!
I can't wait till he gets back to posting those ridiculous pictures he gets of you after sufficient discussion fluid has been consumed.

anna said...

I smiled through this entire post. Thank you for sharing the good days and the bad. Am hoping for the good days to outweigh the bad from now on.

Leni Qinan said...

That's great news. Thanks for the update, Donn.

venus66 said...

This is the best news ever.God Bless.

Stace said...

Big hugs to you both from Aidan and I! :) As always, GREAT to hear such positive news. Keep that boy laughing :) Did he get the card and flowers that we sent a while ago? Hope he got/gets a giggle from that, and from the ridiculous photo Aidan insisted we include ;) hehe

mistipurple said...

the best news so far. i am very happy for chris. sending cyber love from across the miles.

reysputin said...

sounds like things are moving forward. good news.
but i thought you were his great uncle?
my mistake.

zIggI said...

goody goody good!

You're both funny guys - thanx for that, both of you xx

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Wonderful news. I am so happy to hear he is finding his way home again.

Please send my love and praqyers,
Soft love,

Cazzie!!! said...

Laughter sure is the key!

Sienna said...

What great mates u guys are, your riding the crap and frustration with him, and I am so glad u get to have laughter together too. It does sound even closer to rehab...good name for a song? :)

Yes, yes, yes....

...and laughter is so good, so healthy and healing...and good physio! Donn, consider yourself his honorary physio.