Sunday, May 31, 2009

This morning things at the hospital have settled a bit..
a few more small steps forward:

Chris' blood pressure was down to 144/91 and
there is no blood in his pee which is draining in appropriate measures.

Hopefully this means that the Antibiotics have kicked in and that his bladder infection is being remedied. At least for now, a foley catheter has replaced the stressful ordeal of having a straight catheter 'applied' every couple of hours.

Chris was sleeping throughout the visit and he only opened his eyes for a few seconds. He did not speak to either his Mom or I while I was there...
but we both think we saw a glimmer of a smile while we discussed his improvement over "yesterday".

In yet another veneer thin excuse to get a rise out of him we discussed the NHL playoffs, world politics, the media, history, language, geneology...right over his head because we know that he is always listening!

Most of the time his Mom purposefully massaged that right hand and arm in order to coax Chris out of his slumber and tell her to "stop doing that",
but we both agreed that he seemed to be resting comfortably...
his face looked more peaceful, yesterday's grimace was gone.

Chris' family is now maintaining a bedside journal so that everyone can read and write during their visit and add something when the Doctor/Nurse is available or Chris has another procedure.

It's hard to believe but Chris yanked out his naso-small bowel feeding tube again so that problem isn't remedied..even with the soft restraint!
However the blood pressure is down, the antibiotics are working, but the catheterization remains a concern.

Now if Chris can stay on this course then he'll be another step closer to starting the physio and rehab. Once Chris gets to that stage these reports will probably slow down to once a week, then twice a month...and by then he will hopefully be answering his own emails and back writing his own stuff...
which will be awesome!


zIggI said...

good news :)


Laurie said...

As Ziggi said, good news.

I hope you all are taking care of yourselves...often the caretakers overlook their own needs and I hope none of you are doing that.

Stace said...

Aidan suggests that maybe Chris isn't hungry! :)

Donn Coppens said...

I would just like to say that it has been a privilege to witness the power and love that his family is administering. It feels as if the focus has now shifted from the what-if to the what next.

Although they have been through the ringer, every time that I hear from any of his siblings and mother, that they are all positive and focussed. This is an amazing group of individuals..
and they are watching out for each other too...
making sure that everyone is taking care of themselves.

I am trying to respect their privacy and limit the info about Chris. I realise that only people who care are reading this and I just want to add that this is also about my relationship with someone who has been a huge part of my life for 3 decades.

Chris has always been my governor and he will be mad as hell that I made such a fuss and told so many people about his struggle...but..I'll be more than glad to receive his rebuke when he is back to his old self.

I hope that none of you think that I'm crossing any lines..this is for Chris and I want him to know how we all wanted to help and how it looked from the outside. I don't need or want any attention for doing this OK, please..
Chris would have done the same thing for me.

anna said...

I'm very grateful for all of the information you've shared and for the regular updates, but I'll be so happy when you don't have to do the updating anymore and we can hear directly from Chris.

eroswings said...

That is good news. Thanks Donn for keeping us updated on his progress. Tell him I said hello and wish him a great recovery.

mistipurple said...

you're a good friend for doing this and he will do the same for you, donn. i keep thinking about the marmite and vegemite post when i think of the two of you together, lol.

take care too, donn.
all the best to everyone out there.
we love you folks. and chris, get up and do your own postings soon, ya! *cyber hugs*

Cazzie!!! said...

Hey Donn, haven't caught up here in a few days as I have just finished my stint of night shifts..3 in a row was enough!
The first two were on neurology.. unreal! The last was in Emergency.
Night time is a different kettle of fish on neurology. Many patients seem to be awake alot of the night. Given we do not give sedation to most neurology patients I would say there is a fair chance that alot of them sleep ALOT during the day...sorry for the Alot's there mate!
Apart from the pressure area care (turns) we, as nurses, also perform mouthcare, giving of medications, the constant neuro- observations and so on. It does not really make for alot of rest for the patient, but it does ensure their skin stays pressure sore free, their mouth stays moist, their vitals and neuro obs can stay at a constant and we can monitor the patient's on going events.
The naso-gastric tubes get removed by the patients alot! They are quite uncomfortable, I have had one myself and I can vouch for that. Still, they provide the patient with lax swallow reflex some very important nutrition. So, when the feeds are attatched to the naso gastric tube, they bleep alot, which keeps the patient awake..further :( I try to get to each machine before the mark of the hour so it won't wake them.
The journal you are all keeping is a marvellous thing..absolutely. So many people have no one, no support, and Chris, you are suvh a great man, reflectedby Donns journal, reflected by those who care..even from Down Under :)

Eoin Kenny and Mindy Jacobs said...

Just heard about Chris's stroke. Mindy and I will keep him, his famuily and friends in our thoughts and prayers.

Bob Weber said...

It was quite a shock last week when we heard about Chris' stroke here at CP Edmonton, where Chris is still fondly thought of. We're all pulling for him and are grateful for the updates on this site. Hang in there, Chris.

ianmstewart said...

Hang in there, Chris. Judy and I are pulling for you.

Ian Stewart, Edmonton

Mario and Julia said...

Dear Chris,
Mario and I send our love and we are anxiously awaiting your recovery.I am going to send you some doilies when you get better because we all know how much you love them.
Your friend Julia

Donn-thank you very much for keeping us updated. Please let Chris know how much all his Edmonton friends are thinking about him. The doily thing is a long story, but suffice to say, it's a word that Chris used to hate. Hopefully this will get a rise out of him. :)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


I think we all know you are doing this for a very important person that is a part of your life. I also think you deserve the appreciation of us all for caring so much that we would be going crazy not knowing why Chris wasn't around or what was happening.

As for Chris thinking you are letting too many know about him, I can only say he might say that but inside he is loving you big time for having someone like you in his life. Chris is a wonderful man with a beautiful soul, we should all be so lucky to have you both with us in this journey of life.

Now enough said about that. Lastly, To chris, you big beautiful man, find your way back, there are many that are praying, wishing, and loving you to health. You have graced us all with your presence, I know I speak for myself and I hope others agree, we are here for you as you have been for us and its our pleasure.

Donn, you are a superhuman and I know Chris cares deeply for you and your family, get rest and just do what you feel is right for your friend.

Soft love,

Anonymous said...

It sounds good. Small, steady progress.

Keshi said...


*HUGZ* lovely lovely HAPPY news!


Sienna said...

A buggar of a journey he (Chris) has had to make, so glad he is a bit more are all in our thoughts and prayers, and we just want Chris well again, doing his own thing, home with his family and friends...and so he can stir/tease you Donn!

We can never have enough friends and support.


angel said...