Wednesday, October 20, 2010



I thought that I should close this chapter by announcing that Chris is engaged and about to start a new life.

He (and his adorable & lovely Fiancée) can be found on Facebook...where he loves to leave me messages that begin and end with the word "idiot"
...still an insatiable tease.

Looking back at his journey throughout this journal, I've come to appreciate how tenuous and precious Life really is. 
Our friendships define and mold us.
We adapt and adjust to accomodate our circumstances, but our relationships will always be our the most precious gifts.

I'm so happy for Chris.
He has always been a Giver, and I believe that somehow his karmic cache of goodwill was atleast partially responsible for his second chance.

His sense of humor and compassion remain intact as his body continues to strengthen.

All in all, I've come to realise that I'm just as lucky as he was...
well, almost!  :)


savannah said...

this is a perfect ending to a story i came late to, but am so glad to be a little part of! i adore chris and i'm even happier to get poked by you...

on fb! *snickering* you're a great pal! xoxoxoxo

MJ said...

Thankfully I'm safe from being poked and prodded by the likes of Donn and Chris by staying off Facebook.

That being said, I'm thrilled that Chris has opened a new chapter in his life.

He's a wonderful man and certainly deserves a good life.

*does happy dance*

arwriter said...

should have come here sooner. your friendship and love for chris is wonderful. i'm so glad you have each other and you inspire me to hold on to the various people i love.
thank you.

anna said...

Just read this now. I think this is a wonderful ending for this chapter.

Once again, congratulations to Chris and his lovely fiancée. I have no doubt that he will continue to grow stronger each day and drive her crazy almost as much as he drives you crazy... in the best possible way, of course! :)

Within Without said...

Well thanks buddy. My life has forever been enriched by you in untold ways. The engagement thing didn't work out, but in retrospect it's Alone Again Naturally and it is fitting. It is best for me and my kids; I can focus on them. Overall, I can only say that I am a fortunate man. Very fortunate. Cue Lucky Man by Emerson Lake and Palmer. And thanks to all those who commented.