Sunday, November 22, 2009



After six months of recuperating from a series of strokes, Chris finally made it Home.

I don't need to tell you how happy he is or point out that he has just begun a new phase of his Life. 

Chris intentionally displayed his re-acquired ability to get around and do ordinary things that most of us take for granted.

I sat back and listened to him explain how he intends to re-master everyday living as much as he can..
and then some  :)

I'd be glad to forward his new mailing address & phone number however I also intend on getting him back online this week!

Before I left, his two favorite people arrived and this picture says it all.

After some chit-chat I left so that they could start making some new memories.

There will be some new hurdles ahead, but right now, I think that we should savour the moment and be grateful.

*Well LOOK who is back online!
Forget about emailing Chris for a while because his computer will be retrieving all of his messages for a few days...
but, you could go and leave a comment

I watched him post about an hour ago.....:)


andrea said...

He looks great! I'm so pleased for both (all!) of you.

MJ said...

Welcome home, Chris!!!

And hey…

That fridge isn’t going to clean itself, you know.

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! so happy for you chris! and donn! and yes i am feeling a little happy for myself too! i, yes me, just won a game of sudoku (i cheated but who cares) and so i am doing a bit of celebrating myself!

cheers for us!!!

Anndi said...


Congrats Chris!

Stace said...

Three cheers for Chris! No, make it four :)

Cherrypie said...

Now you have mastered light switching on, concentrate on bed making, 'cos that spare couch is going to be needed sooner rather than later.

Love you, Chris xxx

Anonymous said...

AWWWW, this makes me cry because it's been such a journey and he's finally home. I can honestly tell you all, I know Chris is going to succeed and beyond our expectations.

Love you Chris,


tuti said...

that last pic made my eye a little misty too. this is awesome news.

chris, big time congratulations to you!
and donn, you have been the world's bestest friend.
i wish all of you great days ahead.
luv, mistipurple

gautami tripathy said...

I am so very glad that Chris is home. The pictures say it all..

I am with MJ. Now get going, cleaning the fridge..!

Annie Van Bergen said...

How sweet it is!!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

All I can say is Beautiful!

So loved you are Chris. Welcome home!

Soft love,

Anonymous said...

This post brought some tears to my eyes too.....tears of happiness for you. Well done Chris. I hope this new path in your life goes really smoothly for you.
I cannot wait until you are on line again too, and writing again.


eroswings said...

These pic are fantastic--my fave are the last two, because this really is what it's all about: A second chance to still have a father in their lives.

Congratulations on all your hard work to get this far, WW! You are amazing!

And thank you, Donn, for being a great friend and a wonderful human being.

savannah said...

OUTSTANDING! all the best to you, sugar! xoxoxo

Chris said...

Thanks all and I'lltalk soon!

And thanks Homo Escapeons!



Donn said...

You are welcome Buddy :)
Glad to see you back..take your time...don't rush it.

Anonymous said...

Must be tough. Don't overdo. Yeah, welcome back!

MJ said...

If I go away for even a week, it takes me awhile to remember how to blog.

So kudos to YOU Chris!

Laurie said...


Cathy said...

How uplifting! Dropped by and intro'd myself to Chris, this is one soft-hearted tough-guy it seems. Would this, then, be a kind of hybrid blog, a Donnchris thing? I like it, you original human.

tuti said...

woohooo! love love love it totally!
*high 5* chris and donn!
and ya, take your time, chris. it's a giant step you've taken already!
love you guys!

Cathy said...

Second visit, just sending you a "soldier-on" sentiment, Chris. Life's so incredibly beautiful, complex, and look at the people! The love the support all of it. Easy to get overcome by such wonders.

angel said...

This is just so exciting and so uber cool!

Anonymous said...

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