Monday, September 7, 2009

September Long
I had an awesome visit with Chris this morning.

I brought along my camera to snap a few update shots and to show him some of my Summer photos from my blog..
which he still always asks me about..
he is so considerate and thoughtful.

It was so great listening to him laugh.
Here he is phoning my wife to say "Hi" and make fun of me...
I won't print what he called me but I consider it a term of endearment :)

A quick background. I know that this part of the blogosphere isn't about me, but Chris was and remains the most supportive fan of my blog. He asks me about it everytime we visit.
We met in College while taking Creative Communications back in the late 70s..he went on to work in Print and I in TV. Even though he is a "real" writer/editor, he still managed to overlook my obvious shortcomings and continually encouraged me to keep at it. I will always consider him my Editor Emeritus and value his input.

Chris was very upbeat and bright. Things are starting to happen.
Plans are being made for the next step in his recovery.
Hopefully this will all come together in the very near future and Chris can start the next phase and enjoy a little more independence.

He needs to keep adapting and re-learning but I feel a lot more confident about his prospects than I did one month ago. Chris seems to be more positive and perhaps he has started to sense that change is in the wind.
We're all expecting Chris to turn another corner in the next while :)

I have to tell you that when his lunch arrived, he matter-of-factly sat up and spun around..I just stared for a moment...and realised that he has come such a long way. I said "hey you just"...and he said "oh yeah".

His wonderful sister arrived and brought him a real homemade barbequed Burger!...

how awesome is that?
We both agreed that Chris isn't really aware of his progress.

It's September Long and Summer is over so Chris is right on schedule. Chris has some new things to look forward to. After today's visit I can honestly say that I am excited and optimistic about his success...sure there will be more disappointments and setbacks...
but he seems to bounce back every time something went askew.

Good for you Chris!


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

And he is like a bright new penny shining at us as if to say, "I never doubted it for a minute". Nor should he or any of us. Chris has this thing about him that makes everything he is and touches beautiful.
I knew from the first time we talked that Chris was special. That there were few people in the world that could reach the level his heart expands to. I am so very lucky to have been touched by him.

Chris, how happy this posting makes me. I haven't called yet, was waiting for the right time. But I would love to hear your wonderful voice again.

I know times can be crazy, but you are strong and loving. In time, this will be a faded memory. But until then know so many are here for you sending you their prayers and love so you will continue to be on the mend.

all my love....

Laura said...

That is fantastic news, and it sounds really encouraging. Its lovely to hear about the progress, and you are quite right, its a relearning process which is taking place.

Chris really rocks with his determination.

Send him my love.


andrea pratt said...

(That's a BIG grin.)
Please tell Chris that I love his shirt. If he doesn't remember me tell him I'm a secret admirer. (I am.)

Ghost Particle said...

chris is cool!

looking good big guy, am glad to read this post. we missed ya...HUGS take care.

Cazzie!!! said...

This is so uplifting, thanks for the updatage Don ... Chris, you are awesome!!

MJ said...

I want to know if you two have been playing with all those push buttons on the bed.

Is there an ejector button like in the cartoons?

angel said...

This just makes me smile- albeit lopsided with a mouth full of dentist anaesthetic!

zIggI said...

fab news

Laurie said...

Most excellent to hear of his good spirits and progress and I agree with Andrea, AWESOME SHIRT!

Big hugs to all!

Keshi said...

Donno Im in tears. Good tears for both of ya :). What a beautiful way to express ur genuine feelings towards ur bestest mate. It just goes to show how great a humanbeing u r. A real friend. The kind that's VERY hard to find in this mad, selfish world.

WW (thats how I used to call Chris back in our early bloghood:))...u will get well. With a friend like Donno next to ya, u will always be in 'good' hands. My love n kisses to ya always. Rem the days we used to blog together...I rem them so fondly. Keep smiling and eat that Vegemite now! :P God bless.


MarmiteToasty said...

GREAT NEWS..... but where the hell did he get that aweful shirt LOL

Please give Chris a huge hug from me and tell him Im rooting for him.....

know he is loved....


Stace said...

Awesome to see photos! He doesn't look a day over 21, and you can tell him I said so ;)

reysputin said...

that's great news.
please tell chris i think about him regularly and will get him a new shirt soon.

anna said...

Best photos to date! And I absolutely love his shirt. He should wear bright colours more often.

eroswings said...

He looks great! Esp. when he's taking a bite out of that delicious burger! Now that's a great sister!

He has a wonderful second chance at life, and I wish him the best!

You're doing great, WW! And you're awesome for keeping us posted, Donn!