Monday, September 14, 2009


This evening Chris told me that he would like to start Blogging soon, maybe next week! It's the first time that he has done so without my prompting him. I finally told him that I had started this blog for him so that he could have a record of his journey and how it all looked from the outside. He thought that was cool..which was a relief.

I told him that he was more than welcome to start practicing here by answering comments. I would help him post for a while and then he can either take it wherever he wanted, get back to his little corner of the blogosphere, or create a brand-spankin' new one!

I neglected to mention that last Friday two Stroke survivors visited Chris to share their experience. He admitted being a little nervous at first, but he said that it was interesting to talk to someone who has been through this. I hope that they and others will make a connection so that he doesn't feel as isolated.
Chris is concerned that he can't remember a lot of what happened. I just reminded him that he is slowly synapsing his way back and not to force it.

Chris is excited about moving into an onsite apartment for the next couple of days!

This suite is used to assess patients who are preparing to re-enter the outside world. This program was discussed at the meeting last week and the staff told us that it is an excellent way for Chris, and the staff, to see how he would really do in a more challenging environment.

Chris of course is looking forward to having a modicum of privacy..something that he has been without for months... btw Chris will be monitored for his safety.

The next step may also include moving to a different lifeskills facility, but we still don't know whether or not his application has been approved. Chris talked about it, and he seemed OK with the idea of strengthening his ability to live on his own, at least as much as he is able to at this point in time.
I reaffirmed his PMA and encouraged him to stay positive about another stint...
because from here-on-in, every little extra bit will help.

Whenever I visit I always try to work in some Sports stuff with Chris. Tonight there was some wailing and gnashing of teeth about the Bombers BOMBING in the Banjo Bowl. He howled when I told him about the "We Want Reinebold" headline on page one of the Sports section. He was having a laughing fit he thought that was so funny!

I also mentioned an AP story entitled "Brett looks Favrellous".
Now I was never the encyclopedic/analytical Sports guy that Chris was, and perhaps that worked wonders for our relationship over the years. Chris has endured listening to my kvetching about trivial superficial aspects of professional sports..such as the merkin pronounciation of Favre as Farrrrvvvv.

For whatever reason, Chris has always got a real kick out of my nit-pickety pet-peeve about Farrrvvv. I can accept Favray, Favour, Fav, even Faveree, but seeing Farvrrvellous pushed me over the top. He laughed and laughed and told me who I needed to call and complain.

I mention this last bit only because I really love hearing Chris laugh again...
because I know for certain, that in that moment, he is free.

So let's see how Chris does in his "trial apartment" and hope for the best. If afterwards he realises that he probably needs more help, and owns up to it, that will only improve the quality of his recovery and increase his chances of regaining a more independent existance.


dinahmow said...

Sounds good!And I(just one among the many) would be right chuffed to see you post something. Just pace yourself.

Cazzie!!! said...

Bloody awesome news mate! I cannot wait for Chris to begin blogging :)

Laura said...

Thats great news. Chris sounds like hes doing really well, and all the little strides forward will sonn add up in time.
Well done Chris!
Its really uplifting to hear that you are making such fine progress, even though to you it may seem slow and tedious at times.

And the thought of Chris blogging again would be really exciting, and it would be lovely to communicate with Chris again more directly, as he is able to.
All in all Yayyyyyyyyyy for Chris!!!
And Don, you are such an amazing friend to Chris, and you just seem to know exactly the right things to do etc, and have such a wonderful, sensitive approach. You rock too!!


Annie Van Bergen said...

It all sounds good! Must have been a relief to finally talk about this blog, and get a postive response.

And yes Yay Chris! You have made amazing strides. It will be very exciting when you post again.

And Donn let me echo Laura's really seem to know the right things to say and do, and show great sensitivity to Chris and everyone.

MJ said...


Gaby said...

Although Chris doesn't think he has...he's 'come a long way baby'. This is great news, when I think back to some of the posts over the months, I think he's made amazing progress, which has been encouraged by the loving support of family and special friends. Thanks again Donn, for your efforts to keep everyone informed.

angel said...

Ooh this is SO exciting!!!

zIggI said...

thank goodness there will be something worth reading again ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's exactly four months now since it happened. You seem to be on a good way Chris, hope it will continue.

eroswings said...

Wow! That's amazing news! Way to go WW! Your recovery is astounding! I'm so happy to hear about your positive recovery, and I can't wait for you to join us again on the blogosphere! You've been missed and we're so glad to still have you with us.

Thanks for the update, Donn!

anna said...

This is wonderful progress! I am thrilled to hear he's thinking about blogging again. I've missed reading his words so very much. I'm getting teary just thinking about it.

Greater independence is a HUGE deal. I'm confident he'll do very well in this trial apartment.

Thank you so much for this wonderful update! :)

Laurie said...

So happy to hear Chris will be blogging again. I have missed him so much I can't even begin to put it into words.

tuti said...

news keep getting better. chris' baby steps are getting bigger and wider. that didn't sound right, lol.

and donn, you're such a good friend to have. can i send you a plane ticket over? could you be my friend too? lol.

reysputin said...

great news, chris.
hey, if you need any sportsy type artwork for the new pad, i know where you can pick some up on the cheap.

keep on truckin'

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

This is great news. I am very excited to see this new stage his Chris' recovery. I am just sitting peachy keen happy right now.

Please give the big beautiful man a huge and huggle and kiss..well to some and I can't wait to talk to him again.

Be well my sweet one.

Soft love,

Pamela said...

WONDERFUL news!! I can't wait for Chris to start blogging again.

Go Chris!!!