Monday, July 6, 2009

I saw Chris on Sunday night. He was quite animated and told me in no uncertain terms that his right side is "frozen". I hadn't seen him for a few days because I was out-of-town and he was very chatty.

Chris looks healthier and his speech has isn't as laboured and deliberate as it was. He didn't hesitate and search for words as often.

Chris made a lot of jokes about stuff...some of which I can't repeat but most of which I regard as "normal" guy-talk :)

I noticed that the horrible fighting program was on his TV so I switched it over to the Discovery Channel to watch a spectacular documentary about the Ocean. Chris accurately identified a surprising number of the featured marine creautures...and he was most emphatic about his factoids.

This really seemed to capture his imagination but the best moment was when the program was focussing on the giant kelp beds.

I asked him what that was and he said, "KELP..I need somebody". We both cracked up at his little Beatle reference...which to me signals a real ability to manipulate information in the here & now. Right? You need to be on the ball to do that.

I mention this because Chris was still casually chatting about some weird stuff. I'm just believing that his bizarre notions are temporary and part of the healing process. Chris did pass an examination last week that determined he was able to make decisions and select others to help him safeguard his personal affairs so that was encouraging.

Chris looks healthier, he has some colour in his cheeks, he was happy and seemed optimistic that he would be leaving soon. This week I will try to find out when the medical staff thinks that his departure plan can be put in motion.


Stace said...

Thanks for the continued updates, Donn, it's great to hear such positive info so soon. (I know it feels like ages, but comparitively...) I look foward to hearing when he can be transferred to that nice place near your house :) Big hugs to you and him, from Aidan and I! :)

angel said...

Ha! You definitely need some serious savvy to be able to make jokes!
Wonderful news!

zIggI said...

do we need to round up posse to break him outta there? Count me in :)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Sounds like he is on the mend. One cannot ask for more. Slow and steady as it should be. Along with everyone else it is wonderful to hear this great news.

Please continue to send my love and prayers to him.

soft love,

anna said...

I've never been so happy to hear one of his cheesy jokes. :)

eroswings said...

I'm glad his sense of humor is as healthy as ever! That is some really positive news on his recovery. That is very uplifting news.

Cazzie!!! said...

I love Chris' sence of humour..and you know, the two of you are like brothers..don't you? :)
Great progress, I am so pleased to read of it.
I have been working on Neurology and Neurosurgery these past few nights. As you know, it is such a busy area to work in, even on night shift.

Sienna said...

That is clever humor, you can hear him bursting through the hell he has been through.

We were warned about impulse control (lack there of), mood swings, inappropriate stuff, lucidity stuff...and they were spot on...she slowly got better.

The neuro specialist said it (recuperating/recovery) seems (to us) to be relatively dramatic, initially, then slows down, but all the time you think is the best it will be?, she kept on improving.

You know rehab will have some sad stories, we are a big, close family that really did the journey with her, some folks don't have that. Be prepared Donn for a place that specialises in acquired brain injuries, what some of the folk there deal with...if u haven't been to rehab longterm centre it can throw u a little. By the time our girl got there she still had no bladder/bowel control, no walking, not feeding.. she walked out the day she was discharged, a long road ahead, but so you have hope...u know it can be done..her thoughts and emtions were all over the place, but it got better.

Chris sounds like he is progressing all the time, u are noticing stuff...what a beautiful family and friends he, thoughts and prayers to u all!

Laurie said...

So happy to hear how much improvement he is showing. Please give him my best.

mistipurple said...

the brain is working its way. my girl friend went through this, with symptoms as mentioned by Sienna. after many weeks, everything clicked better.
very happy that chris is recovering well. thanks donn, for the updates. hugs from singapore to both of you. :)