Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This evening I read in the bedside journal that Chris managed to lift up his uncooperative right leg during his physio!

His bp is still in the 140 range, he is eating things like scrambled eggs and awake for longer periods of time during the day. This evening he slept through most of our visit although he would occasionally peek over to see if I was there and he kept thanking me for coming??

I've tried to find a way of not discussing most of the agonizing emotional trauma that Chris is experiencing..as I'm certain most of you can appreciate. Every day he is clawing his way back to the external world...he has so much to process and despite our cheerleading Chris has a monumental task at hand controlling this avalanche of reality.

Now I personally believe that Chris is the type of guy who will be striving for the 9oth percentile but put yourself in his position? He has to somehow stay positive, face reality, while re-organising his neurological circuitry.

Tonight when he said "Sorry" as in causing all of this, I couldn't believe it...he's still thinking of others!

Chris tells his family every day "I want to go home".

I won't deal with specifics but there are are some troubling symptoms that something may still be posing a possible threat to his vascular system. Chris is doing very well on the rehabilitation front but internally there may be a few more hurdles. You know what? Everyfrickintime we get some good news there always seems to be something else going askew and every-single-time Chris has managed to inch forward.

He is back under 24/7 constant care as a precautionary measure and we are all hoping that the evidence points towards damage that occurred during the past weeks. As I said, Chris has managed to keep moving forward despite discouraging evidence from tests and everchanging data and images from within his body.

I don't want to mislead anyone..despite all of the good news, Chris is certainly not out of the woods yet..BUT, he appears to be stronger, for longer periods of time and he is persevering. We've been trained to expect all of those hospital miracles on TV to only take one hour and it just doesn't happen like that.

Chris is fighting as best he can, he has the prerequisite intestinal fortitude, he has guts and pluck..not to mention tons of love and support from near and afar, and dedicated professionals doing all they can..he just needs a real chance.
So far Chris has made the most out of a very bad situation and truth be told I would expect no less from a man of his caliber.


Debra said...

Donn, you are an awesome friend. I'm so glad Chris has you in his life.

mistipurple said...

as long as there is recovery, we can be hopeful. i wish chris continued strength. and to everyone around him, do take care of yourselves too, ya.
tell us what you might need for anything. collectively the burden is less. will keep tab on this thread often.

Cazzie!!! said...

Thanks for ther updates Donn, I am off of night shift for now so will check here regular. One step at a time, one positive step :)

eroswings said...

Whatever happens, I'm just glad that WW is still here and is surrounded by loved ones. I'm also glad that you've been such a great friend to him (and to us).

All that matters is that WW knows just how much we miss him and how much we wish him the best. He's an awesome person as evidenced by the fantastic quality of people he has in his life.

Thanks for the updates, Donn. They are very much appreciated.

sexy said...


Sienna said...

It is a roller coaster Donn, we just gotta ride the sucker. Strap in ...buckle down and grit the teeth mate...we found strength we never thought we had.

That is incredibly great, positive news on the leg! Mentally, emotionally...and the physical...it is tough going.

Grab the shining light positives and savour them, somedays with our girl we were in tears from happiness, hope, and then tears for setbacks and disappointment.

We are all only human, to see what our dearly loved and treasured family/friends go through is...can be gut wrenching.

But we wouldn't be anywhere else. He is in the right place for monitoring and care, any surprises can be dealt with.....and never, ever forget the amazing capacity that bodies, spirit and our brains have to rewire and heal.

Go Chris, peace to you and love and healing.

Stace said...

As long as he keeps making these positive steps, I wouldn't worry TOO MUCH about the things that seem negative. I guess it's all part and parcel of the recovery process, and he's in the best possible place for these things to be happening - surrounded by medical professionals and loving friends and family.

If he's up to receiving it, please give him a big hug from Aidan and I :)

Gaby said...

Stopping in here to check on Chris' progress is now as much a part of my morning routine as my coffee at my desk. You are amazing Donn doing this for everyone, thank you again. I echo the comments, focus on the positive, he's eating, he's lifted his right leg during physio, he's continuing to show his sense of humour. My thoughts are with you both. :o)

angel said...

Oh Lord, let there be no more serious complications and let Chris continue to make his wonderful recovery.
Donn- give him my love!

MJ said...

Without the love and support of you and his family, this uphill climb would be a lot harder.

You folks are giving him something that modern medicine cannot.

It's not a cure-all but it can help him to heal.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Sometimes we just forget because we are human how we need to slow down and take care of ourselves. Chris is this beautiful man that loves and cares so easily that it is hard to believe there are people like that in the world still. I know that must sound depressive, but sometimes it is how it feels.

On a brighter note, we all know that because Chris has a heart full of compassion and love that he is also strong and is doing the best he can to find his way home. So, I lift my glass if red wine and toast to his strength, his love, and his courage and with that toast I send him love, prayers, and my faith in him.

Loving you for the person you are, Soft love,

anna said...

His apology is sooooo not necessary! He didn't cause any of this.

I'm glad he's focused on going home. He's clearly working very hard on getting better and, although he's doing most of the work, you're all battling this right along with him. Keep up the good work!

If it isn't asking too much, please give him my love, support, and affection.

Anonymous said...

Chris, let me know when you're ready to shoot a couple baskets again. You'll get there.
-Pat Sheedy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words, and say hello to Dave...

Doug Cariou

Laurie said...

I'm encouraged, despite the problems, it seems he continues to move in the right direction.

My love and encouragement to him and his family if you think that's appropriate.

Anonymous said...