Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 19 and Chris continues to make progress. He has been ingesting the jello like it's going out-of-style OK but he did eat 3! and his blood pressure remains consistently lower.

According the Physio Therapist, Chris was able to offer some slight resistance with his uncooperative right leg! I don't want to jump the gun but that must have been very encouraging for Chris.

We've all been encouraged by the fact that he has had sensation on his right side (especially when his Mom is rubbing his arm) but we have been informed/cautioned that motion is another matter.

Still I was surprised (as in Fist Pumping surprised) but I know that I need to temper that by saying it is still very early in the rehab process and there will probably be as many ups and downs as there have been getting to this point.

It's very hard straddling the extreme whatif's looking for a place to land because we all want Chris to get a decent chance at a 99.9% recovery. Mr. Tenacity will give it his all because as most of you know, he is averse to idling and generally eschews the philosophical approach of I'll just sit around and wait and see what happens.

I don't want to speculate on this until I know more because Chris is just beginning his rehab and I hope...I know that he is full of surprises. He seems poised to give this physio a fair shot now that his bp is down and he is getting some nutrition.

I hope to visit later today...

UPDATE: 1 pm

Chris looked pretty good and he was propped up watching the telly with his Mom by his side. He almost laughed out loud when I came in and threatened to change the TV channel to a 24/7 Lou Dobbs station (Chris is not a big fan of bluster and indignation)'s very encouraging to see his face light up a bit.

I stuck his glasses back on so that he could see a little better and when he tried to scratch his nose we both noticed that his soft tether was back on..which means that he was doing something that he wasn't supposed to be doing last night.

The Physio came in and put him through some rehab..she is so positive and exhorting and it was great to see Chris getting some exercise.

One further note to the sense of feeling on his uncooperative right side, apparently Chris can identify points on his right side that the Doctor was touching...even on the bottom of his feet.

I know that I seem to be painting images in very broad strokes and as you can imagine the family is now trying to absorb tons of information from many specialists. For every two bits of good news there always seems to be a caution about optimism and then a small setback is simply a roller coaster ride and there seems to be as many new things to worry about as there are events to celebrate...
but I told Chris not to worry, we just keep moving forward..
a little bit more every day.

It will be comforting when Chris is able to get into some sort of routine and he can concentrate on specific tasks...
hopefully that can start happening next week?


gautami tripathy said...

Give him my love when you visit him, ok?

Tell him, he can call me Gotaaaaaaaaaaaaaammy ani time he likes!

MJ said...

Today jello.

Tomorrow jello shots.

Yay Chris!

angel said...

Oh lawdy thats exciting!!!
I'm calm.
I am not getting too excited.
Oh who'm I kidding- I'm super stoked!!!

zIggI said...

all good good good - go Chris!

Laurie said...

That is such great news, Donn. Please give him my love and tell him that he is in my thoughts as always.

Gaby said...

I echo the comment about the jello shots. That his bp seems stable is also a good sign, this is great news...somthing I'm sure family and friends are thrilled to receive. Keep up the good work Donn and thanks for the updates :)

anna said...

Yes, he will keep moving forward... a little more every day. This progress is wonderful news.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Okay I think it is safe to do a ::hipshake:: I am so happy to hear that he is still moving forward and fighting back. It is just wonderful.

Oh and I am not sure about those jell-o shots, his might get too excited. ::imagines hearing Chris' response to jell-o shots::

silly beautiful man!

soft love,

Kim said...

I'm so excited to hear Chris is coming back to brings tears to my eyes. I'm finally will be able to come in and see him this weekend.

Hope to meet you Donn, and I will tell Chris he has an amazing friend!


Stace said...

Three cheers for Chris-tough-er! Re the bottom of his feet, it sounds like he's got more feeling there than Aidan does at the best of times! Wonderful :)

*happy dance, happy dance*

Cherrypie said...

Thank goodness I forgot the German Porn. Last thing he needs just as his blood pressure has stabilised.

Much love XXX

Whitesnake said...

Must be hard aye...ta have all this on ya plate....and ta have ta pass on all the good and well meaning messages........Take care mate and pass on mine.....stay strong and member....these prays are best wishes are for YOU BOTH......

Cazzie!!! said...

Awesome news, SP3 diet we call it here...way to go Chris, and way to go family and friends for hanging in day, one step at a time :)

Sienna said...

It is such encouraging news and progress...we are allowed to grip that for everything it is worth.

Yep work and progress ahead...but Chris is so relatively young, fit, strong, sounds like such a determined guy too.

Our girl kept pulling her tubes and stuff around and out too. I know we cannot possibly compare two people but he is having greater sensation and reaction down stroke affected side, far sooner than our girl...she is (now) able to run, drive, care for herself, almost the 90% independent...people are simply amazing with their determination and recovery. Your physio sounds fantastic too.

Also one of the greatest and sweetest of things too is family/friend support, you guys are incredible, Chris is incredible to battle through this and he has the world's best ..most loving family and friends..

With ya all the way mate. One step at a time.

Hugs to all of you.

mistipurple said...

this is incredible news. tiny baby steps will lead to giant leaps.
will continue to pray for him.
and everyone around him, you gotta take care too eh.

mago said...

A long travel from jello to steak but I am sure he'll make his way.

Anonymous said...