Monday, May 25, 2009

I spent about an hour & half with Chris in the evening. He was slipping in and out and didn't try to talk much..he squeezed my hand a few times. He managed to pull the tube out of his nose despite having a restraint and I had to put his little oxygen thingamabob back in his nose a few times.

The night shift nurse said that he had been trying to talk a bit more during the day so maybe he was tired. He is receiving heparin via a needle in his stomach and it must sting because he really winced and squished my hand when she put it in..poor guy. His blood pressure is still pretty high but he seemed to squirm less than other days.

I just stood beside him and rubbed his head...wondering when we are going to see some positive change...we had been led to believe that a critical period had passed so we keep hoping for a sign that he can break through.


Stace said...

Sounds like he's doing alright... it can take some time for something obviously positive to show itself, but no apparent change is still considerably better than anything getting worse. I'm sorry to hear about his father, too... how awful for the family :(

Stace said...
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awaiting said...

thinking of you, chris. always.

Cazzie!!! said...

Hi Donn, first time here for me. Thanks to both you and to Stace for alerting me to your mate's current predicament.
Being a registered nurse and having been involved on many levels with neuro patients since I was 15 years old, I can safely say that everything Chris' loved ones have been doing is just brilliant. Being there for Chris is so important, maintaining the positive side, and taking it slowly day by day. As you have said, progress takes time.. Chris will be tired, and it certainly is very common for Neuro patients to pull out their attatchments. Having had to re-attatch them time and time again I know it!
Stick with what you are all doing, what a marvellous support group he has...and keep that music going Don, slow stimulus is the key.
The other thing of importance is that he is getting that nutrition, for the brain to heal it needs food. So the NGT stays as long as he needs it, especially if the swallow reflex is still compromised.
Also, having been on the other end of Heparin needles twice a day for 5 weeks, I can safely say they hurt like hell!
I'm probably dribbling, and telling everyone things they already know..anything you need to know I would be wrapped to hlp out :)
Huggs to everyone. Cazzie from Down Under.

Anonymous said...

This oxygen thing in the nose is a goddam' nuisance, sooner or later everyone pulls it out.
So it's waiting all that can be done now.

anna said...

He's tired. It's ok. He'll regain his strength and he WILL get better. The alternative is not an option.

Sending supportive vibes to both of you. It sounds like you can use some support too.

savannah said...

keeping continued good thoughts and positive vibes for all y'all, sugar! miss daisy lit a candle at mass yesterday in support. xoxox

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Sounds like he is trying, but it takes a lot out of him and thats okay, because we all know he is in there and we are here waiting for him to come home to us.

Smiles and love to you and Chris, the road is long, but love can heal and find its way.

Soft love,

Donn Coppens said...

I am hoping that friends and relatives feel welcome and comfortable enough to comment or leave a message for the family.

This is NOT intended to be a Blog thingamabob. I just wanted to create a central point where we could meet and I will try to keep it as current as possible.

I don't expect his brothers or sisters to post anything for a while because they are overwhelmed..but they need to know that there are plenty of people who are concerned and love Chris because, well, he is an awesome guy.

I know that a lot of you feel more comfortable emailing me and that's


angel said...

what is heparin?