Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chris was brighter today and one of his sisters was there when I arrived. Chris is now on 24 hour watch to ensure that he doesn't yank out the feeding tube in his nose again..unfortunately they had to restrain his left arm because he keeps sliding his head down just enough to pull it out...little bugger. So if family members are not present there is always hospital staff present.

Chris squeezed my hand firmly when I leaned over and told him that I brought the BIG ASS headphones for the ipod. I played We Are The People by Empire of the Sun and he grinned as much as he could with the left side of his mouth..it was fantastic!
His sister and I both laughed. Chris wiggled the fingers and foot on his left side to the music.

I played a few songs so that his sister and I could compare notes while he couldn't hear us. She thought that Chris was brighter today and hopefully there won't be any more mishaps with monitoring his catheter...he is now on antibiotics to rectify the situation. His sister said that their father is still stable and that Chris doesn't know and we'll leave it at that.

After a few tunes I got in his face and read Chris a few cards and letters from well wishers and recited a list of co-workers, college chums, and blogmates who have either sent emails or left comments here. Chris seemed to be following along and patted my hand when I had finished. I asked Chris if there was anyone that he needed to see right now and he said "no".

He then dozed off for a little while and when he opened his eyes, I asked him if he wanted his glasses on..."yes"..and then he tried to focus on the TV.. the weather channel was on but the picture was fuzzy..and I told him not to worry because it was fuzzy. I told him what day it was and he looked puzzled..I have no idea what his time reference is right now but he was in the now...he told his sister something about not being here on Thursday..I think that he was trying to make a joke.

He slept for a while and then he said (as best as he could manage) "how are you doing?" Well I nearly lost it but I just replied that we were all doing great as long as he kept feeling better everyday. He said " feels weird".

We just hung out for about another hour..he slips in and out but looked at me with what appears to be much more certainty..at least that's what I thought.

I told Chris about a few things that happened in the news, tried to reassure him that everything was being taken care of by his family and that all he had to do was to get better. He just squeezed my hand..moved his left leg up and down..he must be so tired of being in bed...I wish that he could move his right side but still no sign of that happening.

All in all a better day..still sleepy..I wish that I could tell you more hard Medical information but there doesn't seem to be anything new...just more waiting and today was positive.
So way to go Chris..just keep doing a little better everyday..whatever it takes.


Stace said...

That all sounds like great news to me :) It's fantastic that he's so aware and responsive. It's really cheering to read that :) (Actually I nearly cried, but I'm at work and must at least PRETEND to be calm.) We must be patient with his right side, it'll take a while to come good but I'm quite sure it will. *hugs* to both of you!

andrea said...


MJ said...

Thanks for this encouraging news!

I told Chris about a few things that happened in the news

The Governor General story, by any chance?

I miss clowning around with the two of you.

gwen said...

Just found out today about the blog, and wanted to let Chris know that all his old friends at CP Edmonton are sending big hugs his way. Well, the girls -- Gwen, Sylvia, Julia, Kim, Heather, Aerie -- are sending hugs; the guys are sending firm handshakes. You're in our thoughts every day, Chris, and it's good to see you've got such great friends on your side out there in the 'Peg.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Donn,

Please hold your best friend's hand, look into his eyes and tell him that your green-eyed lady blogger friend sends caring, hope, and healing.

"Hi Chris!. We've not met until now. Where has Donn been hiding you all these blogging years? I write poems using word puns like you do...so we already have a Con-neck-shin. Shucks, I can't blame that on him. I've read your comments on his blog, just not made it to all of his zillions of blog friends' blogs. So, if you look up, you'll see me, smiling and caring. I know you're going to keep getting better each day. Hospitals are home territory for me, professionally, so when you're able to get out of bed and walk, know that I'm another person out here walking along side of you.

Donn, you take care and get some sleep! Chris is lucky to have you as a devoted friend and be surrounded by loving family. Great idea for you to bring in music. Yes, "whatever it takes."

gel (Posting anonymously because I've been locked out of my blog for months)

Sienna said...

Donn this is so encouraging....I did tear up, thats tears of joy mate.

You can kinda feel the good vibe growing, health, strength...Chris is going to reclaim...maybe small steps at first...building and a bit of relearning.

Donn thanks for writing up the news, you capture it all so well. Sweet Canadian Chris, there are so many Ozzy prayers and thoughts for you being sent mate. And for your family. Keep up the great work.

Love from the Sienna Pam family.


Whitesnake said...

you tell him there are peeps from all over this world of ours wishing him the best and telling him ta get is A into G and get back ta his ole self....

HEY and you HE make sure ya look after yaself or else I'll have ta come over and give you both a lesson on life!

anna said...

I totally lost it with his "how are you doing?"

This is a wonderful update. Thank you for sharing it. Every day is a little better. He will make a full recovery. He's strong and has so much love and support from so many. Please give him mine.

Just a little side note: When my dad had his stroke and was bed-ridden for so long he ended up getting bed sores on the heels of his feet. I'm sure the nurses are careful about that, but just watch out for bed sores.

Gaby said...

Thanks again for all of the updates that you're doing Donn, in addition to my well wishes for Chris I am also thinking of his family, who have been tested so much during these past few days. Let's hope the days continue to remain positive! :)


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Wonderful news. Love and prayers.

Soft love,

angel said...

It makes my heart glad that there seems to be at least a little bit of progress!
Please give him squishes from me!!!

Debra said...

Definitely good news:-)

Laurie said...

So happy to hear that he is improving. The love of his family and friends will help to carry him through. You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Give him my love, please...

joyce said...

hey all. You are doing so well by your pal and he is lucky to have you. Glad to hear anything encouraging.

gautami tripathy said...

Keep up his good spirits and also yours!